Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Conditions
- The whole system is Crypto currency encryption system. The lease of mining will be completed when bitcoin was sent to the system, so we cannot refund in any ways. In addition, we do not have a policy to return the Crypto currency in any case.
- If you filled the wrong wallet address in the withdrawal process and the balance had lost from the account. Please contact customer services or support service providers. In any case is impossible to refund when the withdrawal process was completed.
- You must be responsible for the second transfer if you paid the amount incomplete.
- You must keep your password and email as your responsibility.

Service Conditions and Guarantee
- We guarantee all information on the transaction. Please keep your email address which used for registering safely. It is important when you contact us if you are unable to log in.
- If you are unable login your email. Please kindly contact your email service provider. We do not allow to change the email address in any case.
- We guarantee a successful withdrawal within 1 hours(up to 96Hr. if have many bitcoin unconfirmed transaction on bitcoin blockchain) after the bitcoin sent out of your system. It does not include the confirmation time of the blockchain system that cannot be scheduled. In addition, it does not include the wrong wallet address case. It takes time to investigate and report problems with customer service.
- We do not guarantee an account with no set up two-step verification.
- Profit guarantees and returns are only available on the blockchain. We do not accept or pay anything else.
- We do not guarantee the withdrawal of the wrong account. The fact that you have confirmed the email to withdraw is considered to end our care. We cannot verify your account number, whether the number is your own or not.
- We do not guarantee any bonus for any failed referral register. The register will be completed after you confirmed on your email. We do not allow to change or edit the referral number in any case strictly.
- We are glad to solve all problem. We will reply your problem information by https://cryptocloudmining.freshdesk.com/ within 3 days, excluding the time to troubleshoot. Depending on the circumstances of the problem may be up to 14 days.
- We do not guarantee the damage of aggregation or persuasion for investment, breach of agreement made within the group or any representation of any group.
- Any process on https://www.cryptocloudmining.farm, you must access and manage your account by yourself. We do not guarantee any damage caused by any third party acting on your behalf or taking any action on you strictly.

Acceptance and understanding
When you have registered that means YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Terms and conditions of our services as well. And accept terms that may change or add to the future. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login You are not allowed to view links. And invest in renting space in the cloud. There is a risk in the value of Digital Currency And now the government has not accepted. Therefore, those who are interested in learning, have the knowledge basic understanding of Crypto currency and ready to accept the high risk.

Jurisdiction and Disputes

CRYPTOCLOUDMININGFARM does not provide services to citizens and residents of the United States or any country where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation