Q: Where is company location?
A: CRYPTOCLOUDMININGFARM is a cloud service , no location, no asic hardware.

Q: How to refund ?
A: We dont have any refund rule.

Q: How to change email ?
A: We dont allowed to change email.

Q: What is BTC[Wallet,Bonus,Mining] ?
A: [BTC Wallet] - it's wallet for withdrawal,
[BTC Mining] - automatic transfer to BTC Wallet Daily
[BTC Bonus] - automatic transfer to BTC Wallet Daily

Q: How long is the THS contract?
A: Each paid invoice is for 360 days, Each paid invoice will be seen as separated (stand alone contract)

Q: How much minimum withdrawal ?
A: 0.001btc

Q: What is Bitcoin Price Difficulty and Virtual Bitcoin Futures ?
A: you will get bitcoin about $0.168 / THS / Day

Q:How company generates income and give bonus to investor?
A: Company had involve in trading and mining .

Q: How long CCMF will give service to investor?
A: More than 5 Years

Q:Is Crypto Cloud Mining Farm(CCMF) same owner with other platform?
A:No ,CCMF is new cloud mining platform.The Owner of CCMF platform also different.

   Profit Calculation
BTC Price (USD)
THS Cost (360 Dayss Contract)(BTC)
Earn Daily Mining(BTC)
360 Days Earned Mining(BTC)

     Invite friend to get bonus btc daily.

   -Bonus Unlimited [Lv1 30%, Lv2:Lv20 0.25%]

-Request 1THS purchased

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Corporate investment / White Label Cloudmining Development
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