Support Email : [email protected]
Q: How much daily earning ?
A: You will get bitcoin/usdt/usdc about $0.15-$0.17 / THS / Day

Q: Where is company location?
A: CRYPTOCLOUDMININGFARM is a cloud service , no location, no asic hardware.

Q: How to refund ?
A: We dont have any refund rule.

Q: How to change email ?
A: We dont allowed to change email.

Q: What is BTC[Wallet,Bonus,Mining] ?
A: [BTC Wallet] - it's wallet for withdrawal,
[BTC Mining] - automatic transfer to BTC Wallet Daily
[BTC Bonus] - automatic transfer to BTC Wallet Daily

Q: How long is the THS contract?
A: Each paid invoice is for 90,180,360 days, Each paid invoice will be seen as separated (stand alone contract)

Q: How much minimum withdrawal ?
A: 0.001btc, 20usdt, 20usdc

Q: How to profit calculation ?
BTC Price (USD)
THS Cost (USD)
THS Cost (BTC)
Earn Daily Mining(USDT/USDC)
Earn Daily Mining(BTC)